I'm a PhD student in Applied Mathematics at the University of Birmingham since November 2015.

My current research interests concern the a posteriori error estimation in Finite Element (FE) analysis for Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) with uncertain input data.

The main task is the design and the analysis of efficient adaptive FE algorithms for such equations. You will find more details in research.


I got both Bachelor and Master degrees in Mathematics from the University of Rome La Sapienza.

My Master was mostly focused on general theory of partial differential equations as well as their numerical analysis.

As a student, one of the things that I liked the most was programming. I first started learning C and C++. Later on, I had the occasion to learn coding in python and in R. Also, I currently "code" in Matlab almost every (working) day.

In the last years, I also became passionate about web developing and I learnt a bit of html, css, and javascript.

Along with English, I also speak Spanish. I spent 7 months in Madrid doing the Erasmus at the school of Mathematics of the University of Madrid Complutense.


I come from Tivoli, a city of about 60 thousands people not so far from Rome, Italy.

If you google it, you may end up with the Tivoli Park in Copenhagen. Well, give it another go. There are quite a few things my hometown is famous for!
Have a look here.

Music is a thing I'm very passionate about. I've been playing guitar for several years focusing on acustic fingerstyle. You can have a look at my youtube channel where I attempted to play songs by real guitarists and fancied composing something original.

I also like electronic music pretty much. In particular, Techno, House, and Trance music. After quite a while spent watching tutorials, I got some expertises in electronic music production and I had fun composing my own songs. You can listen to them on my Soundcloud page.

Along with these sedentary habits, I like doing sports as running and biking although what I like the most is playing football.

Speaking about football, I'm a Roma fan. Here you can see a pic of Roma's Curva Sud.


  personal email: leonardo DOT rocchi AT yahoo DOT it
  Linkedin page